Rental Housing Act Gets Teeth

Rental Housing Act – Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you will be aware of the legislative environment that protects you when it comes to letting out your property or occupying a property as a tenant. Both parties have rights, and the law seeks to ensure that neither finds their rights abused or ignored. […]

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Keep your rental income flowing freely

Have you recently become a landlord? Or maybe you’ve had problems with tenants in the past and want a bit of guidance to avoid trouble in the future? We’ve laid out the key things you need to know when embarking on a rental agreement with a new tenant. Is a formal lease necessary? A written […]

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Tips for a happier tenancy

Your questions answered Renting the property you live in has many advantages. If your short-term plans are unsettled, it is much easier and cheaper to relocate at short notice. You are spared the responsibility of paying property taxes; and usually don’t have the hassle of maintaining the property. Depending on your lease agreement, you may […]

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When is a tenant not a tenant?

In terms of the Constitution of South Africa, “No one may be evicted from their home, or have their home demolished, without an order of court made after considering all the relevant circumstances. No legislation may permit arbitrary evictions.” The Prevention of Illegal Eviction (PIE) Act (1998) sets out the procedure to be followed if […]

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Don’t cross the line into an illegal eviction

Trying to evict a tenant can be a highly frustrating problem, especially if you’re losing money on rentals or need to fix damage to your property that was caused by the tenant. However, it’s essential that you follow the letter of the law so that you don’t end up in trouble. The Prevention of Illegal […]

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