4 tips to help ensure your rent increase is fair

In South Africa, there are no regulations prescribing how much your landlord can increase your rent by, unless there is an escalation clause in your lease. For many years, people just tended to accept that rent would go up by 10%-12% every year and either tried to budget for that or looked around for somewhere […]

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Is your landlord failing to maintain the property?

There are very strict rules regulating who exactly is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of a rented property. According to the Rental Housing Act, 1999, the landlord must provide the following for tenants: A property that is fit for living in. Proper maintenance to ensure that the home complies with all health, safety and local […]

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Don’t DIY yourself to an eviction

A quick trip to the Builders Warehouse over the weekend confirms that South Africans are indeed getting stuck into DIY projects. Renovations, touch-ups and home improvements are very common this time of year as tenants sign and renew lease agreements. But before rushing off with paint rollers and tile cement, let’s look at the contractual […]

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Inhumane Evictions – Balancing Competing Interests

Inhumane Eviction Legal Support

In 1986, Robert Cover of Yale Law School wrote, ‘Legal interpretation takes place in a field of pain and death’. In South Africa the question of inhumane evictions and eviction rights for occupiers runs rampant in the wake of the legislations enforced during apartheid, as well as the slow pace of reform experienced by many […]

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