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Need to Evict? I'll protect your legal interests.
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    Why hire an Eviction Lawyer?

    Hiring an experienced eviction lawyer in South Africa is the best way to improve your chances of obtaining a successful eviction, and to help minimize negative outcomes that can harm you, your family, or your business.

    An Eviction Lawyer is able to quickly and efficiently navigate the complexities of eviction law, especially considering the vast tenant protections offered in South Africa today.


    • It is a landlord’s first eviction.
    • The tenant is fighting a landlords eviction and has a lawyer.
    • Your tenant is filing for bankruptcy.


    • It is a tenant’s first eviction.
    • The tenant feels that the landlord is performing an illegal eviction.
    • The landlord is violating the lease agreement.

    Know The Right Steps:

    Landlords and Tenants should both understand the process of evicting a tenant. The tenant eviction process is a legal minefield governed by the Prevention of Illegal Evictions Act and Unlawful Occupation Act.