Mangaung collects

Sometimes occupants are treated unfairly by municipalities. But sometimes the municipality is in the right. In Mangaung, Bloemfontein, some residents owe significant monies to the municipality, causing it severe financial hardship, as this article from News 24 shows. The cash-strapped Mangaung Metro Municipality is tracing historical debt dating back to the 1990s in its desperate […]

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Tacit hypothec – right of the landlord over property

Eviction lawyers exists to protect all parties, not only tenants. Apartheid-era abuses and, more recently, slum landlords and hijacked buildings have given property owners a bad name, but everyone is entitled to the right to enjoy their property and to be protected from abuse, regardless which side of the lease contract they represent. This article […]

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Opposed Eviction

Opposed Eviction Explained Opposed eviction and eviction has become an increasingly topical issue in South Africa. Evictions affect landlords as well as occupants, and there are many far reaching consequences for both. It is a sensitive topic that has to be navigated circumspectly. Landlords seeking to have illegal occupiers evicted need to deal with all […]

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Expropriation Bill & Land Reform – What You Need To Know

The word ‘expropriation’ sends a shiver down the spine of many property owners and so the Expropriation Bill, passed by the National Assembly in May 2016, has attracted a great deal of attention. Just what is ‘expropriation’? Very simply, it is the taking of privately owned property by government (the expropriating authority) for the public […]

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