Puzzling out the Property Practitioners Act

property practitioners act

A fresh start for the real estate industry? Estate agents don’t have the best reputation. In most cases, this is unfair and undeserved. Many estate agents are hard-working and want to do the best job possible for their clients. Unfortunately, an unscrupulous minority has given the industry a bad name. Estate agents are often stereotyped […]

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Tacit hypothec – right of the landlord over property

Eviction lawyers exists to protect all parties, not only tenants. Apartheid-era abuses and, more recently, slum landlords and hijacked buildings have given property owners a bad name, but everyone is entitled to the right to enjoy their property and to be protected from abuse, regardless which side of the lease contract they represent. This article […]

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Eviction: Learning From Recent History

Eviction has loomed large in the public eye recently due to a spate of forced evictions across the country – at the time of writing this, violence in Lwandle township is ongoing due to the tension caused by proposed evictions.

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