Puzzling out the Property Practitioners Act

property practitioners act

A fresh start for the real estate industry? Estate agents don’t have the best reputation. In most cases, this is unfair and undeserved. Many estate agents are hard-working and want to do the best job possible for their clients. Unfortunately, an unscrupulous minority has given the industry a bad name. Estate agents are often stereotyped […]

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Legal evictions: landowners need to know their rights

Media reports and public debate often simplify and blur the sensitive issue of evictions. Typically, evictions are seen solely from the perspective of the landowner or from that of landless people, and there is a failure to distinguish between lawful and unlawful evictions. Annelize Crosby, policy head for land affairs at Agri SA, explains the […]

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Mangaung collects

Sometimes occupants are treated unfairly by municipalities. But sometimes the municipality is in the right. In Mangaung, Bloemfontein, some residents owe significant monies to the municipality, causing it severe financial hardship, as this article from News 24 shows. The cash-strapped Mangaung Metro Municipality is tracing historical debt dating back to the 1990s in its desperate […]

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