Tacit hypothec – right of the landlord over property

Eviction lawyers exists to protect all parties, not only tenants. Apartheid-era abuses and, more recently, slum landlords and hijacked buildings have given property owners a bad name, but everyone is entitled to the right to enjoy their property and to be protected from abuse, regardless which side of the lease contract they represent. This article […]

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Keep your rental income flowing freely

Have you recently become a landlord? Or maybe you’ve had problems with tenants in the past and want a bit of guidance to avoid trouble in the future? We’ve laid out the key things you need to know when embarking on a rental agreement with a new tenant. Is a formal lease necessary? A written […]

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Tips for a happier tenancy

Your questions answered Renting the property you live in has many advantages. If your short-term plans are unsettled, it is much easier and cheaper to relocate at short notice. You are spared the responsibility of paying property taxes; and usually don’t have the hassle of maintaining the property. Depending on your lease agreement, you may […]

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4 tips to help ensure your rent increase is fair

In South Africa, there are no regulations prescribing how much your landlord can increase your rent by, unless there is an escalation clause in your lease. For many years, people just tended to accept that rent would go up by 10%-12% every year and either tried to budget for that or looked around for somewhere […]

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Arrear Rental Collections – Know Your Rights

Arrear Rental Collections Arrear Rental Collections – Unfortunately, due to a tough economic climate, it is becoming quite common that tenants default on their rental payments. This is a stressful circumstance for both landlord and tenant but it must be approached with caution and a full knowledge of the rights of each. How late can […]

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