Lease agreement – How to end it with Dignity

How to end your lease agreement with dignity Lease agreements – Like any relationship, tenants and landlords may start off thinking the world of each other, but something as simple as a noise complaint or late payment can bring things to an end. When either party breaches the lease contract it means that they have […]

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Consumer Protection Act & Rental Agreements Explained

What is the Consumer Protection Act Consumer Protection Act and Rental Agreements are governed not only by the Rental Housing Act, but also by the more recent Consumer Protection Act. Landlords and tenants – Consumers and suppliers Tenants and landlords, why does the relationship turn acrimonious? Usually it’s because each party thinks the other is abusing […]

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Verbal Lease Agreements

Verbal lease agreements – Are they even valid? Many people incorrectly believe that verbal lease agreements are not binding contracts. Verbal lease agreements are actually valid legal contracts but it is always recommended that all lease agreements become signed contracts between a landlord and tenant. This is a sensible solution, as it removes any possible […]

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Cutting off electricity

Disputes between landlords and tenants most often arise when both or one of the parties has not adhered to the terms and conditions of a lease agreement. One of the most common disagreements arises over non-payment or late payment of rent.

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