Rental Housing Act Gets Teeth

Rental Housing Act – Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you will be aware of the legislative environment that protects you when it comes to letting out your property or occupying a property as a tenant. Both parties have rights, and the law seeks to ensure that neither finds their rights abused or ignored. […]

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Is your landlord failing to maintain the property?

There are very strict rules regulating who exactly is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of a rented property. According to the Rental Housing Act, 1999, the landlord must provide the following for tenants: A property that is fit for living in. Proper maintenance to ensure that the home complies with all health, safety and local […]

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Cutting off electricity

Disputes between landlords and tenants most often arise when both or one of the parties has not adhered to the terms and conditions of a lease agreement. One of the most common disagreements arises over non-payment or late payment of rent.

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