Rental Housing Act Gets Teeth

Rental Housing Act – Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you will be aware of the legislative environment that protects you when it comes to letting out your property or occupying a property as a tenant. Both parties have rights, and the law seeks to ensure that neither finds their rights abused or ignored. […]

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Inhumane Evictions – Balancing Competing Interests

Inhumane Eviction Legal Support

In 1986, Robert Cover of Yale Law School wrote, ‘Legal interpretation takes place in a field of pain and death’. In South Africa the question of inhumane evictions and eviction rights for occupiers runs rampant in the wake of the legislations enforced during apartheid, as well as the slow pace of reform experienced by many […]

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Arrear Rental Collections – Know Your Rights

Arrear Rental Collections Arrear Rental Collections – Unfortunately, due to a tough economic climate, it is becoming quite common that tenants default on their rental payments. This is a stressful circumstance for both landlord and tenant but it must be approached with caution and a full knowledge of the rights of each. How late can […]

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