Opposed Eviction

Opposed Eviction Explained Opposed eviction and eviction has become an increasingly topical issue in South Africa. Evictions affect landlords as well as occupants, and there are many far reaching consequences for both. It is a sensitive topic that has to be navigated circumspectly. Landlords seeking to have illegal occupiers evicted need to deal with all […]

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Valid Lease Agreements

Valid lease agreements – What makes them legal? Renting out your property or renting a property from a landlord should not be a difficult process, but it can become stressful when a tenant or landlord does not keep to their commitments in terms of the lease agreement. One of the most important ways to ensure that […]

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Verbal Lease Agreements

Verbal lease agreements – Are they even valid? Many people incorrectly believe that verbal lease agreements are not binding contracts. Verbal lease agreements are actually valid legal contracts but it is always recommended that all lease agreements become signed contracts between a landlord and tenant. This is a sensible solution, as it removes any possible […]

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Rental Housing Tribunal Explained

The Rental Housing Tribunal manages complaints from both landlords and tenants and will intervene, mediate and seek resolution on any issues submitted to them. It only deals with matters relating to residential properties, however, and not commercial rentals.

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