Arrear Rental Collections – Know Your Rights

Arrear Rental Collections Arrear Rental Collections – Unfortunately, due to a tough economic climate, it is becoming quite common that tenants default on their rental payments. This is a stressful circumstance for both landlord and tenant but it must be approached with caution and a full knowledge of the rights of each. How late can […]

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Eviction: Learning From Recent History

Eviction has loomed large in the public eye recently due to a spate of forced evictions across the country – at the time of writing this, violence in Lwandle township is ongoing due to the tension caused by proposed evictions.

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Cutting off electricity

Disputes between landlords and tenants most often arise when both or one of the parties has not adhered to the terms and conditions of a lease agreement. One of the most common disagreements arises over non-payment or late payment of rent.

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Know your eviction rights, then let us handle it.

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